MD Longevity Review: Why is your body pH important?

pH of gastric juices need to be at a certain level to break down the foods we eat, such as proteins, starches, sugars into micro-nutrients we need to survive.

pH is influenced by numerous factors, one being strongly related to bacterial release of organic acids and ammonia in the gut.

Test for the right stomach ph… breath test- lactulose test. When someone has GERD or gastro-esophageal reflux disease –it should not automatically be assumed that the cause is over-abundance of stomach acid, probably the opposite.

Proton pump inhibitors, e.g. Prilosec, “the purple pill” is over prescribed and can do more harm that good because it lowers or destroys the normal stomach pH. What’s worst is that when one tries to come off it or wean off, there is a terrible backlash or rebound, where one can experience even more pain or discomfort. It needs to be weaned off very slowly.



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Dr. Peters

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