Depression or Anxiety Prevention Methods

Depression or Anxiety Prevention Methods

No one wants to be depressed. We all want to be as positive and energetic as the next person but that’s not always possible for some. There are a great many people who afflicted with depression and/or anxiety which make it nearly impossible for them to feel chipper and upbeat. Fortunately, according to physicians like Dr. Ann J. Peters, these individuals can be treated and with great success. You should know that human beings come equipped with an early warning defense system that triggers anxiety or worry. This is in response to our fight or flight urge. Fight or flight came into play early on in man’s development, perhaps as early as the caveman. When faced with a danger such as a wild animal or a high cliff, early man had to make the decision whether to stay and fight or run, thus taking flight. You must remember that every feeling individuals experience occurs for a reason. Fight or flight is just one of many different feelings with which humans are programmed for self-preservation. And without self-preservation there would be no human race as we know it today. It doesn’t take much in this day and age to make someone feel anxious. The way modern man juggles friends, family and work, it’s amazing that more people don’t have Depression or Anxiety emotional issues. According to Dr. Ann Peters, hormone replacement therapy may be the answer to many people’s problems with depression and anxiety.

A Little is OK

Just as early man used anxiety as a signal that something needs to change — his position or his disposition — anxiety can be beneficial teaching us to listen to our emotions and pay them heed. Consider stage fright or pre-test jitters. Both healthy ways of saying, “hey, maybe I need to put in more work on this area or another.” Depression or Anxiety can be very useful according Dr. Ann J. Peters. She and her fellow doctors believe that both anxiety and depression can be fought with hormone therapy. What you don’t want to happen is that anxiety and fear or hopelessness and depression so overtake your daily mood that you cannot function. If and when that occurs, it’s time to seek out professional help. You don’t want to live with that and frankly, in this day and age you don’t have to. Once, and not that long ago, individuals who were unfortunate enough to experience these feelings had nowhere to turn, but in today’s modern world they do. It’s to doctors like Ann Peters.

Listen to Your Body

Anyone suffering from any condition needs to remember to always listen to their bodies as well as their minds. What one won’t tell you the other will. Thus you get the complete picture. Many people discount their emotions as being not genuine or not valuable, but they are both. They are yours and you feel them, therefore they exist. And you were meant to feel them. That’s why nature gave you this realm of feelings. So you can use them to help yourself through whatever situation you may have to face. However, too much anxiety may make dealing with your everyday work and activities difficult. Again, when this occurs it’s time to reach out beyond your family and friends to a professional such as Dr. Peters. Her hormone replacement therapy may be just what you need.

Good Food, Good Mood


Depression or Anxiety Prevention Methods

Of course good nutrition plays an enormous part in keeping us healthy in every area of lives. Eating less than nutritious food can make you more vulnerable to everything including depression and anxiety while a healthy balanced diet can reduce symptoms of Depression or Anxiety. A healthy diet is something Dr. Peters prescribes to every one of her hormone therapy patients regardless of their weight. As humans we are meant to turn to plants and food for sustenance and with it, some of the building blocks of a healthy mindset. It’s no surprise that you can’t achieve a healthy mindset with unhealthy food yet so many people eat all their major meals from fast food franchises. No wonder the incidence of depression and anxiety is up. As humans our bodies crave the vitamin-rich foods put on this earth for us to enjoy. Not the fried, greasy, processed foods served via drive through windows. Avoiding sugar, caffeine and excessive salt are the first steps and yes, that instantly rules out almost everything on the fast food menu. Avoid alcohol and the use of illicit drugs, too. These too, can be what is known in the medical community as stressors. Recent studies link low levels of the calming chemical in or brains cases of anxiety and depression. Eating complex carbohydrates including whole wheat pasta, whole grains and cereals can increase these “happy brain chemicals” and result in a more stable, more even-tempered you. Other foods that seem to have a positive effect on your brain include soy products, poultry, nuts and sesame seeds.

Exercise then Relax

When we as humans experience stress our bodies create hormones that incite the fight or flight response. While this response is difficult to respond to properly in today’s world there is one thing that is, in fact, appropriate: exercise. Exercise is one of the best treatments for any kind of imbalance, be it physical or emotional according to Dr. Ann J. Peters, MD. Her hormone therapy replacement is linked closely with exercise. She believes that a good amount of physical activity is essential to a healthy mind especially when the mind feels overwhelmed with concerns and decisions to make. Studies show that working out for at least 20 minutes per day reduces undue symptoms of Depression or Anxiety. Exercise releases the chemical known as endorphins which are brain chemicals that produce feelings of happiness and well-being. Of course, relaxation is just as important. Stretch, meditate, do yoga, read or watch some television. They can all keep you on a less stress-filled path.

Depression or Anxiety Prevention Methods