Dr. Ann J Peters Discusses the Importance of the Functional Medicine Movement

The Functional Medicine movement could be an historic event in the American healthcare system. Will this critical medical practice get lost in the noise of Healthcare Reform or radically change the future of patient care?
Palm Beach, FL – Dr. Ann J Peters, a doctor committed to creating optimal quality of life for her patients, is an advocate in helping Americans learn and understand the importance of the Functional Medicine Movement. The risk of this method of preventative medicine getting lost in the Healthcare Reform act is very high. Because of its potential to transform the lives of Americans everywhere, it is important to make its value well known, to allow it to change the future of patient care from one that is based on treating diseases to one that is focused on preventing diseases.The Functional Medicine Movement transfers the focus of today’s healthcare from managing symptoms and curing diseases to preventing chronic diseases from occurring at all. With the proper methods and tools, that include taking into consideration the genetic makeup of individuals, various environmental risks and their current lifestyle, physicians can help patients determine the underlying causes of chronic diseases. This can take the place of the current medical practice of simply managing the symptoms or dealing with medical emergencies when they arise. Patients can learn how to live their lives to prevent chronic diseases from occurring in the first place. This could prove to provide patients with longer, happier lives.

This future of the American healthcare system is based on years of education and research and is slowly being adapted into the medical curriculum for current students as well as continuing education for current doctors. In order for the Functional Medicine Movement to become a part of the national healthcare system, greater awareness of the program needs to be made. Americans need to understand the value of prevention rather than treatment to end the epidemic of people suffering from chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer and mental illness.

The premise behind Dr. Ann J Peters’ practice is to focus on natural ways to fight the aging process and instill a sense of longevity in her patients’ lives. It is only normal for everyone to look and feel good, which is only possible through the use of prevention of chronic disease.

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About Dr. Ann J Peters:

Ann J Peters is a leader in the anti-aging industry, with many recognitions and awards to show her expertise. Receiving her medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Dr. Peters is a diplomat with the American Board of Family Practice as well as an award winning physician from the Harvard School of Public Health. Her passion for helping others make the most out of their lives has helped many patients live a longer, fuller life free from unnecessary disease, pain or suffering.


MD Longevity Review: The History of Functional Medicine

Susan And Jeffrey Bland

“Twenty years ago, functional medicine was an idea without a movement.  It is now a movement that is the single biggest game-changing idea in health care.”

The Functional Medicine Movement became more widely known after inception of The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).  Founded 20 years ago by Susan and Jeffrey Bland, the Institute’s charter was conceived as a systems-biology approach to the prevention and management of chronic disease utilizing appropriate tools including nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, environment, structural, cognitive, emotional, and pharmaceutical therapies to meet the individual needs of the patient.

It was the Bland’s vision to change the future of health care by developing new thought leaders and practitioners, skilled at preventing and treating chronic disease.   They put it this way:  ”We are preparing for the next 20 years with a clear strategic plan based on education, research, and collaboration. Our goal is to reverse the epidemic of chronic disease and to continue advancing the leading edge of knowledge in the decades ahead.”

To accomplish this goal, IFM built an educational platform “using innovative technologies and teaching methods that can be incorporated into medical school curriculums, residencies, fellowships, and continuing medical education”.  The Bland’s efforts have lead to the development of research models that evaluate whole-systems practices and treatment plans that involve “individualized and diverse interventions”.  To achieve these educational and research goals, IFM has collaborated with leaders in academic medicine, private sector industry, insurers, and government agencies to create pilot programs that will help integrate functional medicine into the nation’s healthcare system.

For more information about Functional Medicine click here: http://blog.mdlongevity.com/blog/?p=178

About Dr. Peters:  Dr. Peters medical practice is focused on anti-aging and longevity.  Helping clients look, feel and live longer and better by delaying, preventing and reversing the signs and symptoms of aging.  She received the most prestigious cosmopolitan education around the world.  A graduate with a medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), she completed her medical internships and fellowships at Cornell Medical Center, New York, Harvard School of Public Health and Ospadali Galleria in Genoa, Italy.  She is a past scholar of Leopold Schlep Foundation, and the Organization of American States (OAS), New York.

Her medical affiliations include American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, European Academy of Quality of Life and Longevity Medicine and the International Hormone Society. Board Certified with the American Academy of Family Physicians, she is a diplomat with the American Board of Family Practice and an award-recognized physician from Harvard School of Public Health.

Source: http://www.functionalmedicine.org