Unexplained Weight Gain Prevention Methods

Unexplained Weight Gain Prevention Methods

Ever notice that there are times in your life when you stop paying close attention to your food choices and you realize that you are not as comfortable in your clothes as once before? This type of weight gain is a direct result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Most adults experience the frightening “weight gain” where the numbers on the scale gradually increase — and before you know it, you’re feeling unhealthy and in a rut. Dr. Ann Jerry Peters notes that although it can be frustrating it is not inevitable. Simply by developing a series of lifestyle changes, MD Longevity says you can stop unwanted body weight. There are several reasons why most adults gradually put on body weight. First, as you mature, your body changes. Your body, muscles and bone density starts to reduce with each passing year. Most adults become much less active as they get mature but continue to eat as much as they did in their younger years. The mixture of getting mature, less mobility and reduction in body muscle, can cause unexplained weight gain and in essence unhealthy weight distribution.

Add Muscle Over Weight

One of the best techniques to stop unwanted body unexplained weight gain is to power up your metabolic rate by increasing trim muscular mass. Dr. Ann Jerry Peters understands that weight training a few to several times per week can increase your metabolism to a level that will allow you to maintain a healthy weight without much effort.  Consider changing your fitness routine every six to eight weeks to keep your body from becoming accustomed to your workout. MD longevity recognizes that muscle gain is a lengthy process, so starting out low and increasing the level of weights over time will result in a healthy body without any foreseen muscle ailments. There are times when added muscle will not directly affect the number on the scale.  This is typically found in muscle gain and should not be cause for alarm.

Stop Gaining Weight by Eliminating Bad Habits

Bad habits are all around us in everyday life.  Just turning on the TV will result in an assault of the senses, which can trigger cravings.  Ann Peters, M.D. knows that when these triggers are set into motion it can cause us to sway from the healthy lifestyle that we are trying to achieve.  Some of the common mistakes people make that lead to unexplained weight gain include:

  • Lack of or little exercise
  • Skipping breakfast
  • Eating infrequent meals
  • Finishing youngsters’ meals
  • Reaching for second helpings when you are not actually hungry
  • Mindless snacking in front of the TV or Computer

The more you age, the more disciplined that you have to be in order to keep a healthy lifestyle alive in your daily routine.  It is very easy to stray from healthy eating habits, and if you do, it is ok but recognizing these triggers can help you foresee future reasons for unexplained weight gain.  Recognize your problem areas, and discover solutions to control food intake and increase exercise.  If you are living a sedentary lifestyle then starting, a fitness program slowly and meaningfully will allow you to increase your program over time and yield positive results. Monitoring your food intake and making more healthy food choices is also an integral part of a healthy diet.  Eating better does not mean following a super-restrictive diet strategy. However, you do have to watch what you put into your mouth.

Making Small Changes


Unexplained Weight Gain Prevention Methods

Dr. Ann J. Peters notes that you don’t have to go to extreme measures to stop an increase in unwanted body weight. You can avoid extra unexplained weight gain by developing some simple changes to your way of lifestyle. A few things that you can start immediately to reduce weight and ward off weight gain is to start by recognizing what your trigger foods are and what food you eat that might have no health consequences for you.  If your diet consists of regular trips to fast food restaurants, meals that contain little to no vegetables or fruits, or constant consumption of sugary drinks, you may consider preparing more homemade meals. Drinking water is also a good way to enhance a full feeling.  MD longevity knows that drinking a full glass of water before each meal can help you feel slightly fuller than if you are eating on an empty stomach.  You can also quench your craving for food with drinking water, to redirect your mind onto other projects.  Leave small portions of your meal on your plate.  This will help you recognize when you are actually full, as opposed to thinking you must always clean your plate.  Drink 100% fruit juice instead of fruit juice with added sugar. Pass on large or supersized selection options when eating out.  Hold the croutons on your better healthy salad.  Indulge in vegetable based sauces instead of cream sauces. Hold the butter on steamed fresh vegetables. Season them with orange or lemon. These techniques will get you started on your way to maintaining not only a healthy lifestyle, but also more importantly a healthy weight.  Foods that are healthy and regular exercise can help control cravings, increase muscle mass and raise serotonin levels in your body.  All of these factors can help you feel great about the choices you are making and help you to regulate and continue with a healthy life.

Unexplained Weight Gain Prevention Methods